Queue should ignore shuffle

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Queue should ignore shuffle

Post by floreacalin » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:05 pm

Scenario is this:
1. I select a playlist, hit play, turn on shuffle. Very usual and normal for now
2. I get the urge to play some random song I like, from a different list or whatever
3. I look for it and select it and hit play next.
4. After that song I wanna get to my shuffled initial list.

The queued song does not ignore the shuffle so the player continues with the shuffle, skiping my "urge" song. It only plays it if I turn of shuffle before hitting next or the song finishes and goes to next to play my song.

Like poweramp does, queued files are top priority and they ignore shuffle and they are also played in the order I queued them.
Its a huge deal at least for me :)