Ghost tracks in my database

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Ghost tracks in my database

Post by dries » Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:01 pm


I am using mediamonkey to sync and play music from my Android 6.0 Lg G3 (with 128Gb sd card).
Due to some (unrelated) problems I set my phone back to factory defaults and replaced the 32Gb sd card with 128Gb.
After factory reset android asked me to restore settings from my google account and so I did.

Although there were no audio files on my phone anymore, there were a lot of tracks in the mediamonkey database. Even after:
- check for new/changed media
- clearing all data in "Settings-> Apps -> mediamonkey (and mediamonkey pro) / uninstall and re-install
- syncing new files to the empty sd card.

How can I tell mediamonley to remove all the tracks from the database that are no longer accesible?