Random behavior in WiFi sync

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Random behavior in WiFi sync

Post by hdubnow » Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:07 pm

I'm running the latest MMW Gold Lifetime and MMA Pro, running on a Samsung Galaxy S5 running G900VVRU2DPG2 with a 128GB card. I don't change music much on my phone, but sync over WiFi mostly to update play counts or to add new/update playlists (I have over 150 now, most in the range of hundreds to thousands of tracks). My problem is that with recent builds I'm getting random behavior that the phone detects that some number of playlists need to be deleted (tonight 17), and then the playlists are downloaded again from MMW later in the sync. Also, today I deleted an album from MMW but the album wasn't deleted from the phone, even though the album no longer shows up in the "Choose which files to keep synced" menu and both Delete other files from device and Confirm deletion are checked, along with Unselected library files in the select box. The random behavior during sync has been happening now for probably a couple of months. I have tried formatting my card and re-downloading my music (and running into a MMW memory leak), but this hasn't fixed my problems. Thanks in advance for taking a look at my sync issue.