MMA randomly pauses playback (triggered by other apps)

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Re: MMA randomly pauses playback [#14171]

Postby snitrote » Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:22 am

martin.bohac wrote:In all your logs AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS happened.
This event occurs when some other app need audio output(e.g other music player) or on receiving call.
Sometimes ago one user had this issue with "NewsOn" installed, other with some CyanogenMod beta version.
1)Do you have installed some other media player?
2)Does bug occur when you play music in other player?
3)Any idea what app can cause it?

Recently installed a beta version of VLC and the same thing started happening to me. I don't recall playing music on it when MMA was active but it still had some pauses. I uninstalled it right away and the pauses stopped. So does that mean I can't install VLC or find a new player that is compatible?
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