Android Shows Different Genre Tags than all other players

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Android Shows Different Genre Tags than all other players

Post by beachatlast » Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:36 am

I am using standalone app on android.

1. I update tags for genre on android MM, they show up in MM as changed. But if I open up another player the updated tags do not come across - it shows the old tag. Using a MP3Tag diag tool it shows the old tag also, not the updated tag shown in MM for android. Taking SD card from phone and browsing library on MM windows - old tags as well.
2. I tried updating genres using MM for windows to update the tags directly on the SD card. Put the card in phone. Some updates showed up as readable by media monkey on android. Most still did not show up on MM for android. So I downloaded 5 or 6 other players such as poweramp - all the updates are readable every other android app.

As a result, I am in a conundrum on how to update my genres. do I switch to poweramp? Report a bug and hope there is a fix. It seems to me that android MM is saving and using tags differently or wrong. There is no way to browse android MM for blank genres, so that is how I discovered this. If I search for a song that the genre did not come across in android it finds it and lists with blank genre.

I have the latest paid version of MM for android and the lastest MM for windows.

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Re: Android Shows Different Genre Tags than all other player

Post by Lowlander » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:17 am

MMA does not update the files themselves when used for tagging. This is currently still handled by MMW. So the normal workflow would be to sync from MMW > MMA. Make your changes in MMA as you go and then sync again between MMA and MMW. This will update the tags back to MMW which will update the files on your PC and then subsequently sync them back to MMA.

If you're not using MMW for sync you also have to deal with that MMA relies on the Android Media Scanner for tag change detection. Have you tried telling MMA to rescan to see if it then detects all tag changes you made with MMW on the files on the SD card?
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