Trouble Syncing Over WiFi and USB

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Trouble Syncing Over WiFi and USB

Post by americanvirus » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:15 am

So I have been using Media Monkey for some months now. I liked it at first, but I grow progressively more annoyed with it as the syncing just is not intuitive.
I just wanted to sync some files from MMW to MMA via wifi. I had recently acquired new albums that I was interested in listening to.

Okay, I've done this before, but it's been several months, how do I do this again? There's no "sync" drop down menu in either of the toolbars. Well, I've already synced before, maybe it remembers my phone, and I can just go to the files directly in MMW, right click the artist, album, or song, and there will be a "sync" button in the options there. Nope. None of that.

Let's navigate the return to the toolbar, "Tools" sounds like a good place to start. There it is! Ah... nope "Sync Device" only takes me to grayed out "Auto-Synchronize" button. No other options. Back to the drawing board. Navigate to "Options..." which turns out to be less helpful. I see my device there, I can configure, but I can't initiate a sync. I go under collections, "music" is checked and highlighted, and yet I cant click anything in there... still unhelpful. One option in the configuration that I can click is "Sync random subset of selected files up to device capacity." Which is all will and good, but doesn't help me actually sync anything.

I give up on trying to do anything directly from MMW, lets try MMA. There's a sync button! Let's try it.
That only wanted to sync files from my phone to my computer, this does nothing for me. I don't download files to my phone to then put them on my computer. Though I'm sure this is useful for some.

Back to MMW, I can't figure out wifi, let's try the USB. Oh yeah, there's my device now, but what's it doing, I don't want to sync all of my music! Stop. I have more music than space on my phone. Force stop! This continues getting worse. I try many more things, run out of time, I need to get to work! My phone won't even show up in MMW anymore, MMW perpetually says "Synchronizing... - SD Card: (Preparing list of files)" whether or not my phone is actually plugged in or wifi is on or off.

So I write to you asking for help. This has been an unpleasant experience. I'm not normally a basic user. I just want to listen to some new music on my phone.
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Re: Trouble Syncing Over WiFi and USB

Post by Lowlander » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:53 am

Start with reading the instructions on sync: ... oid_device

Wifi sync can only be initiated from MMA, USB sync only from MMW. You'll need to setup what needs to be synced in the Device Profile (Tools > Options > Portable Device Sync in MMW) for either sync to sync your files.
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