Move playlists between smartphones without MMW

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Move playlists between smartphones without MMW

Post by TripleM » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:26 am

Hey there,
I recently bought a new smartphone.
I was able to copy all the music from the old smartphone to the new smartphone.

But where I currently fail is, copying the playlists.
There is a folder called "Playlists" with all my m3u-Playlists. But if I copy this folder to my new phone (and all the data is in the same structure) MediaMonkey (Android) opens the m3u files, but shows no music.
Later I also tried to open the m3u files on my old phone, but Mediamonkey is not able to play the music directly from the m3us, even inside of MediaMonkey Android the same Playlists are shown?

Im quite confused now. Can someone help me, and tell me, how to copy playlists from smartphone to smartphone (same filestructure)?

Thank you!

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Re: Move playlists between smartphones without MMW

Post by rusty » Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:11 pm

Hi Hans,

MP3 playlists will only work when copied from one device to another if files referred to in the playlist continue to have valid links. For instance if the playlist refers to /storage/emulated/0/Music/The Beatles/She loves you.mp3 but the file is stored to /storage/FDAA-0CE1/Music/The Beatles/She loves you.mp3, it won't work.

In any case, even if you modified the .m3u files with the correct paths, the approach you're taking would result in lost metadata for the reasons described at: ... is-missing

The approach that you should take is to sync your old device with your PC using MediaMonkey for Windows (to update ratings / metadata) and then sync the new device with your PC.


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