SD card sync problems

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SD card sync problems

Postby mcow » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:56 pm

I recently upgraded to a Moto X4, with an SD card. When I first set up MMA, I sync'd all the media to the SD card.

The other day, I was tweaking camera software and somehow the card became corrupted; I had to reformat it. When I opened MMA, all the entries for the tracks I'd originally sync'd were greyed out. When I attempted to re-sync, the card had a new identity, and so a new entry was created for it in MMW; I had to re-establish the options and the auto-conversion rule (FLAC to MP3) and re-assign the playlists to it.

Then it spent several hours re-syncing the music (~1800 tracks, some originally MP3 and some FLAC, about 9GB on the SD card). When this was done, I had two problems:
    1) All the older track entries were still there, with the path rooted in the original ID of the card, and greyed out, alongside the new entries with the path rooted in new ID of the card.
    2) Album art was missing for numerous albums. (The option, which I did not change from default: [x] Sync all artwork to folders: albumart.jpg.)
My first attempt to fix this was to try to sync again. This resulted in about 755 tracks being re-sync'd. This was another hour or so. When it was done, I still had duplicate entries for albums. I noticed, however, that now the albums that had been sync'd again showed both entries enabled, rather than one greyed out.

Then I realized I had missed one option when configuring the "new" SD card: I'd forgotten to enable "Delete other files". So I set this option, and sync'd again. This time, the Sync setup showed "preparing confirmation dialog", but I never saw a confirmation dialog -- presumably, nothing was selected for deletion.
However, another 33 tracks were re-sync'd as before. Since these were relatively few, I could watch them, and I know that these were all FLAC files being re-converted to MP3.

755+33 is 788, which I can see from MMA is the total number of FLACs in the conversion list. I tried Sync one more time, and this time no tracks were re-sync'd. I'm assuming for the moment that it's stable.


Looking at MMA, I see that:
    * The albums converted from FLAC do not have album art, and all have two enabled entries for each track; each of these has the same path, rooted in the same SD card ID. When I examine the contents of the folders on the card, there is no albumart.jpg in any of the the folders.
    * The albums originally from MP3 have one disabled and one enabled entry for each track, with different path roots. These albums show the album art.
On MMW, I have a smart playlist with one rule:
Code: Select all
Synchronization status, is synced to, Moto X4 SD Card

This playlist is empty.

I went into one of the originally-MP3 albums, selected all the greyed entries, and selected Delete; the entries disappeared, with no errors or anything else.
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Re: SD card sync problems

Postby mcow » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:57 pm

What I want to know is:

How do I make only one, correct, enabled entry appear for each for the tracks?

How do I get the album art in place for the FLAC albums?

How do I get MMW to recognize the synch status of the tracks?
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Re: SD card sync problems

Postby Peke » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:18 pm

You can remove Grayed Storage in Folder Browser, Things/Issues you are talking about are addressed in MMA 2.0.
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Re: SD card sync problems

Postby bhiefer » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:57 am

First of all, please go to MediaMonkey->Files folder and get the mmstore.db file. Please send it to me, e.g via PM. I will examine the artwork paths.

Then you should go to Options->Choose library folders. There you can find the path to these greyed tracks. Because it is not valid anymore, you can remove it here and all these greyed tracks will dissappear.
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