Correct way to sync from MMW to MMA?

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Correct way to sync from MMW to MMA?

Post by WallyWest » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:38 am

Originally I just copied my library direct onto the SD card. Didn't work, quite a few albums were missing on the other end. I mean they were on the SD card, but MMA refused to see them. Tags seemed fine, the ablums showed up fine in MMW, but forget about it on the phone. And library scanning was a nightmare. It would find some albums, then stop. I'd have to start it up again, and so on. Probably took a few hours to get everything to show up and I had to re-start scanning a dozen or more times.

So I wiped everything and started over. Followed the directions in this link. ... oid_device

Used the wi-fi sync instructions. Doesn't work. Same issue, with a bunch of new issues as well. Still have missing albums, still have problems with the library scanning, and when I try to sync over wi-fi it downloads a random assortment of songs that are already in there, and totally misses others that aren't. In short, not working at all.

I don't use any advanced tagging, everything is very straight forward. All songs show up just fine in MMW, the library is perfect. On the phone though I've got a few albums showing up "unknown artist" even though the tags have the artist info in them, and several dozen albums that don't show up at all even though they are right there in the library folder.

So yeah, I either have no clue how to use this program or it straight up doesn't work.

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Re: Correct way to sync from MMW to MMA?

Post by Lowlander » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:25 pm

MediaMonkey only syncs what you have selected to be synced. You'll need to set this either in MMA in the sync options or in MMW in the Device Profile (Tools > Options > Portable Device Sync). If files are tagged well in MMW they should show up well tagged in MMA with a wifi sync.

Do make sure MMW and MMA are up-to-date as they work in unison.
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