Bookmarks for Audio Books

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Bookmarks for Audio Books

Post by tdisalvo » Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:20 am

I am fairly new to MM on Android.
I have been a paid user for Media Money on Windows for years, and love it.
I like the idea of using the same product on my android phone for listening to audio books.
I can not seem to find any option to add bookmarks to audio books. Similar to how the Voice or SmartBooks audio book players have bookmarks.
The advantage, would be that your copy of the book which you are listening to would be able to have these multiple bookmarks saved on the PC copy of the audiobook file.

Say you are listening to a book for and there is a section you want to mark for review. Like something you want to look up later when you are in front of a real computer and not on your phone. Ideally media monkey would be able to do this.

This would be a great feature to have in the premium version of the android os, and I do not think I am the only person who is listening to audio books which would like this feature.

I saw a post similar to this from 2015 but it did not appear to get any traction. :D

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Re: Bookmarks for Audio Books

Post by Lowlander » Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:36 pm

This is not available in either MMA or MMW. Both will only remember where you left off playing an Audiobook file.
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