SD Card problems - broken playlists, songs duplicated.

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SD Card problems - broken playlists, songs duplicated.

Post by Less » Sat May 12, 2018 11:50 pm

Just sent log file Log ID: G3M5QS2NEL
(also there was one right before it, but I didn't write the number down, so ignore it)

Files on internal storage seem fine. The files on the SD card are also fine, will play via other players, or via MMA if chosen directly. The playlists are all kinds of broken though. The number of songs is wrong. And they show the titles of the songs, but don't actually point to the songs (skip past them as if they are unavailable).

I noticed that one playlist pointed to a missing song, looked for the album that the song is on - it showed each song twice, once that actually worked, once that didn't. Then I rebooted my phone. Now I show 4 copies of each track on that album, only one of which will play, obviously.

This hasn't been going on too long. A week maybe?