Albums/Artists/Playback folders etc show no media

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Albums/Artists/Playback folders etc show no media

Post by HelloPikachiu » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:46 am

Hello Sir

1) I installed MM android on my car player.
My music data is on my USB disk.

2) when i clicked the folders on the main menu ie Albums / Artist or Playback, it prompts me to `choose library folders'
3) when i clicked on this option, I can see Kingston which is my USB drive with a `+' by the side
4) I clicked the `+' to add on my music folders say Metal selection, Oldies etc
5) After adding, i go back to the main menu and click Album for eg. The album folder shows `no media' and it asked me to do 2) above
6) when i clicked `choose library folders' it shows Kingston as the main dir with sub folders below it ie the Metal selection and oldies. However they are not active when I touched them. It does not allow me to click on them

7)Alternatively when i go to the main menu and select FOLDERS, i can see my kingston drive with the subdirectories under it. I can click on any of them and see the list of songs and play them.

8) i have also bought the add on to allow me to open the folders, but the same problem still persist

Pls assist. Tq Kee

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Re: Albums/Artists/Playback folders etc show no media

Post by Peke » Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:21 pm

I own Android MTCE Head unit from Dasaita (HA) and USB drives are considered as Removable external storage (OTG Storage in phones/tablets) and it is common issue for all such devices due the their design and only storage considered as normal External_SD card is usually named GPS (if available) and all others are named USB? (1-3).

Initially I tried to use it like you with 480GB SSD and ended in constant Scanning due the fact that USB1-3 are initialized later than GPS Storage so I ended with 128GB SDcard holding all my Music files I listen in Car and do regular WiFi Sync (Started WiFi Sync -> Cancel and then Sync to SDcard from My PC Card Reader for initial sync speed).

Unfortunately for now there is no solution for that as scanning and access for such devices is handled by Android.
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