MMW has more tracks than MMA

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MMW has more tracks than MMA

Post by Springsteenfan » Sat Mar 30, 2019 11:02 am

I just bought a SD card (200 GB) for my Samsung Galaxy J3, so I could add my large music collection (115 GB) to it. I installed MMA and dutifully copied over my files from my HD to my SD card. Or, I thought I had. i checked the files total on MMW it shows 13828, yet MMA shows 13338 which means it's light by 490 tracks. I've tried the wi-fi sync. That doesn't seem to do anything. It says that I can only do the sync for 15 days, does that mean if I add playlists and ratings they won't carry over? As it seems a lot haven't carried over as I'd rated a lot of songs, but when they play on my phone they no longer have the rating that shows on MMW. So, the question is does anyone have any idea as to how I can find what those 490 tracks are?
I'd earlier copied everything from my HD to the SD card again, but in smaller batches to see if it would add in 'missing' tracks. But no dice. The only option I can really see is the one I don't want to go to. Remove all from my SD card and add them back one or two folders a time.

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Re: MMW has more tracks than MMA

Post by Lowlander » Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:14 pm

Wifi sync is paid feature of MMA.

MMA will only show files that it can play (natively supported by the device), so perhaps you have a few files that are in an unsupported format. You may have Dead Links in MMW which results in the extra files or perhaps not all files were copied.

When you copy directly to the SD card you rely on the Android Media Scanner to pick up the tags and this can fail. Instead you should do a MMW > MMA sync (can be USB or wifi) and MMW will update the MMA database directly with the tags and Playlists. You then can also sync back any changes to tags (* this is still limited) and Play History: ... oid_device
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