Starting Over

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Starting Over

Post by Clevelandkid » Sun May 19, 2019 4:07 pm

I have recently been getting messages on my Phone that my Internal storage is about maxed out.

I was puzzled because my Media Monkey music files and program were sent to the 128 GB SD card
However, it is my internal Memory and storage that is about maxed out. ( I have a Samsung Core Prime phone which does not have very much Memory or Storage )
So, I tried to take what music files that were originally left on the internal drive and sent those to the SD card by "copying" them onto the SD card and then deleting from the internal drive.

I thought that all was well as I started to delete those duplicate files off of the SD card.
However, the amount of songs are now approximately 6K more and my phone still is saying that it is maxed out!

So my question is : Can I just delete the Music files and Program from my Phone all together, and then re-install an Updated version of MMA ? , then do a fresh new Sync from my MMW on my Desktop ?
(I am not sure how to do that ), and how do I make sure it all goes to the SD card and not into the internal Drive !?

Thanks for your help,
Regards, CK

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Re: Starting Over

Post by oblivioncth » Sun May 26, 2019 2:02 pm

If you originally got your music on your phone through a MMW sync then I would just use a good file explorer to make sure you clear all music from your phone, then if you want you can delete and reinstall MMA, but you should be able to use the "check for changed/new media" option to wipe its database on your phone.

After this, go into MMW and open the sync window, select the entry for your phone and make absolutely sure its set to use the SD card. My phone has two entries, one for the internal storage, one for external.

NOTE: Because of the way the android file system works, some programs/apps that interface with your phone may list the internal memory as "sdcard" making you think you're sending it to the SD card when you actually aren't (yes it's dumb, i know).
Do a file transfer test on your phone or try seeing what destination options are available when the physical SD card is unplugged so you can tell for certain which option is the actual SD card.

Then, once you're certain you're sending the files to the right place, do a fresh sync and you should be good.

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