Migrating from phpbb to Discourse

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Migrating from phpbb to Discourse

Post by Seanny123 »

I love MediaMonkey. I'm less happy about using a phpBB forum to submit feedback and bugs.

Specifically, I miss Discourse and it's ability to:
- Easily upload images with drag and drop
- Have post templates for bug reporting
- Automatically suggest related posts while typing a post
- Edit posts using markdown instead of BBCode
- Modern emoji support

I think these features would improve the quality of the bugs reported during the MediaMonkey 5 beta testing.

It is possible to migrate a phpBB forum to Discourse using an import script, if this version of phpBB is less than 3.2.

I'm assuming this phpBB instance is self-hosted. Discourse can also be self-hosted for free.

I have experience administrating various Discourse instances [1] if you are interested in undertaking this task and desire help. However, I'm not a good enough Ruby programmer to update the migration script if your phpBB version is 3.2 or higher.

All this being said, I also understand if your company has other priorities and does not wish to invest in this aspect of community support at this time.

[1] Specifically, I helped setup and administer the EndCoronavirus.org and nengo.ai Discourse instances.