[SOLVED] MM opening other folders.

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[SOLVED] MM opening other folders.

Post by pawzisme » Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:34 am

hello, I am brand new here but have been using MediaMonkey for a good couple of months, starting with 4.1.12, free version. I have played LOTS of music and organised files and had a wonderful time with no gripes or grumbles - but today something odd happened. I found that if I left-clicked on other folders or items in menus, like 'Downloads', MediaMonkey would open up instead. If I right-click and then go to 'Open' on the context menu, all opens as it should, but if I left-click, double or single, on folders, MM opens instead. Other apps like Google Earth or Gizmo do not seem to be affected. This isn't a huge problem, but one I would rather not have. I have tried running various fixit tools for registry, shortcuts system management etc, sfc, without success, also checked for malware and came up blank. I then uninstalled MediaMonkey completely, restarted, downloaded the latest version 4.1.13, reinstalled, put my library back on - works fine, but the problem is still there. Any ideas please? I haven't yet done a system restore because I also had an upgrade of another app this morning and don't really want to undo that, but that is on the cards if I have to. I just hope someone on here can say 'ah yes!' that is because.. and all you need to do is.....' worth a try!

The issue has been resolved I am pleased to say. it required that I download a little tool which enables one to restore the appropriate default file extensions via a merge in the registry. Very handy!

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Re: [SOLVED] MM opening other folders.

Post by MMFrLife » Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:41 am

Would you mind sharing with us what the name of the tool is?
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