"Flipping" music in the cloud?

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"Flipping" music in the cloud?

Post by hoges in wa » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:14 pm

Just a thought. I can upload my tracks to iTunes in the cloud. I understand that mine go in and I own them, but an exact copy of my track is not stored, just my right to it. The copy in the cloud is a high-quality track. If I want my track back, I get a copy of the stored track, which is an excellent version.

Now some of mine are maybe not such excellent versions, as I digitised my LP collection before I went off and began sailing on my yacht. So, in effect, I would be "flipping" my less-than-perfect version of a song for a high-quality version of a song. I do understand that there will not be an exact copy of each and every track I have in my collection

Is my understanding correct? Can you see any flaws in it?