Idea: Check If Tracks Exist on Device Before Copying

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Idea: Check If Tracks Exist on Device Before Copying

Post by malkierian » Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:14 pm

Was wondering if it would be possible, and would actually improve performance, to check the device that is being synced to for the existence of the tracks being copied before actually copying them? It may just be the device I'm using (Windows 10 mobile), but copying over large playlists seems to take forever to get started, and yet it's still copying everything (when I would have thought that that time was being used to do exactly what I'm asking about). I frequently have playlists of 150 or more, and having the software copy every track every time is very time consuming. I figure it could take less time to check to see if a track is on the device than it would to copy it over, if it's already there. Even bringing this up, though, I can see potential hangups depending on if tracks need to be updated or not... Just something I wanted to throw out there.

A side note, but it seems like the Windows phone also takes more time overall than the Android devices I've tested with thus far, but I can imagine that's more the device's fault than MM's.

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Re: Idea: Check If Tracks Exist on Device Before Copying

Post by Peke » Sat Dec 23, 2017 7:14 pm

Unfortunately as Windows phone do not have its own MediaMonkey app which can handle Already synced tracks it is very hard for us to determine if one track is already synced or not.

We are working on some solutions for such cases where device do not have dedicated MediaMonkey app, but it will take some time to fully test things before we decide the right approach.

On the other side for Android using MMA on device watch and pair each Media File on Device with file on MMW and your PC library.
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Re: Idea: Check If Tracks Exist on Device Before Copying

Post by Ludek » Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:45 am

Hi, tracks are re-copied to the device only if:

a) you sync them by selecting file(s), right click, Send to > device

b) you use auto-sync, but the files were changed (e.g. artwork was modified)

But if you use auto-sync feature (by configuring sync-list on the Auto sync --> Device tab) then the tracks aren't needlessly re-copied.
If you are experiencing a needless re-copying using Auto-sync then please generate debug log using the DbgView (item 4b here ... 30&t=86643)

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