2110 ... various issues and suggestions

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2110 ... various issues and suggestions

Post by Barry4679 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:43 pm

Powerscroll for List and Album&Tracks views is missing or is confusing.
in MM4, in Show_Art_With_details or Show_Details, I could sort a display by a column, then type a letter or a string, and the display would scroll the sorted display based upon the current major sort column
eg. Sort on AlbumArtist, type "FR" and the display is scrolled to Frank Zappa
Sort the same display on Album, type "FR", and the display is positioned at the album "Fragile" by the band Yes
The MM5 default for a typed character or string is to activate a filter, rather than invoking a power scroll ... this is a less useful default IMO
In MM5, if I sort the display to AlbumArtist, type "FR" ... I get a filtered display where the top row is a track pulled from the album The Low End Theory by a Tribe Called Quest ... no "Fr" there ... The track is the top of my list because the track title is "Verses FRom the Abstract", and it is at the top because the Artist name starts with "A".
This isn't what I expected, and is not very useful ... ie. I am in Music>ALBUMARTISTS ... I had the display sorted by ALBUMARTISTS .... I typed "FR" ... I get a filtered list containing 3217 rows, and the "FRxx" albumartists are many many scrolls away
The filter inclusion criteria is based upon everything, even the path (!), so if the typed string is part of my NAS name, I get shown everything.
If I had the display sequenced by something other than the index that I am in (eg. Music>AlbumArtist, but the display is currently sorted by Album) .. then I type a "FR" ... the filtered list is resorted by AlbumArtist ... ? not very helpful
I think that a power scroll was a more useful and predictable default ... I think that filtering should be triggered by the funnel icon ... or by Alt-F, or something.
The filtering default is even less useful in the Album&Tracks view ... ie. I am in that display to specifically clump things together by album, and when I type "FR", and my top row is a single track pulled from an album, where neither the album, nor the albumartist name contains the string "FR" ... is that good?
And the behaviour is not very consistent ... ie. Go to Muisc>AlbumArtists in Grid view ... type "FR" ... the list there is filtered just using the AlbumArtist and Album tags.

Current selection
Go to Music>Genre ... select a genre which has sub-entries ... ie. if I select rock, I then get a display showing a selection of the following icons: "Classic Rock" and "Folk Rock" and "Indie Rock" and "Rock" to chose from ... I click on Classic Rock ... that heading row of the 4 types of Rock remains, and below that i get a matrix of my Classic Rock albums ... it would be useful if the active selection was now the top left album in the matrix, and not on the top row of Genre categories ... ie. if I now type "FR", expecting to be filtered to, or positioned at, my Frank Zappa albums ... I am confused by an empty display ... empty because it has tried to find a sub-genre within Rock containing the "FR" string I suppose

"Wrong Artist?" list is inactive
Music>Artists>Air go to the Online tab
Those are not albums by the band whom I would associate with the name "Air"
Click the Wrong Artist? button ... the band that I want is your 2nd entry, I click that option, but I don't get redirected to the correct band ... nothing happens
BTW that online info is messed up ... you seem to get your info from two separate sources, and you are not joining it together correctly .. the image is of Air, the french band, but the albums are by Pete Namlock (German, and never part of Air, nor associated with them ... he just had an album titled Air)

The album art in the Art&Details is behind a milky haze ... again
this problem seems to be a common recursion

MM5 looking for some resources in unexpected location:
The console in Chrome Developer tools display in my browser always show the following errors from MM5
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND ... looking D:/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/Images/FavIcons/
eg files w3os.nl.ico.svg , dictionary.reference.com.ico.svg etc
I don't recall configuring MM5 to look for anything in that location ... I do have a D drive, and there is a folder named D:\My Documents\My Pictures, but it is not anything that you should be trawling through.

View menu check mark toggle
I cannot toggle the check mark for the Player panel off ... I can toggle the actual panel display off|on, but the menu check mark does not toggle

Request: a gift for album focused customers?
maybe a toggle in Tools|Options|Library; Track focused or Album focused
where a customer is album focused:
* node default is to have an AlbumArtist, instead of an Artist, subnode
* the Home page has hard-wired AlbumArtists and Albums instead of Artists & Albums
* default columns for List View would be AlbumArtist, along with Title,Album,Length,BitRate & Path, and not an Artist column

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Re: 2110 ... various issues and suggestions

Post by jiri » Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:31 am

Thanks, we're looking into the issues. Just two suggestions re. the first item:

- You can go to Options > Search and disable Path field there.
- You can install incrementalSearch script from SampleScripts folder in order to have the MM4-like behavior.


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Re: 2110 ... various issues and suggestions

Post by dtsig » Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:13 am

Barry4679 .. i agree with the first one as I find the loss of the PowerSearch per column a big issue. This is the way grids work .. not an automatic search across all columns.
I really hope this gets fixed.
Where's the db and ini stored
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Where tags are stored

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