A fairly trivial complaint

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A fairly trivial complaint

Post by yarguy » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:54 am

I'm liking 2110 more and more except for one small problem. The size of the font in the music player at the bottom of the screen is so small it is almost unreadable, especially against a coloured background. I have tried all five skins. In Material Design the Artist + Track Title are in a slightly larger font, and I can read them easily, but the two times (elapsed and remaining) are too small to read without peering closely at the screen. And, yes, I suspect this size is the same as in MM4, but there the skin I use has black type against light gray background making it much easier to read than white type against a blue, purple, orange or black background. The font in the Golden Monkey skin seems a bit larger and as it is black against orange it is more readable (but there are so many other failures in this font's colour and typeface that it is really unusable).