2138 Feedback Add/Rescan files to the Library...

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2138 Feedback Add/Rescan files to the Library...

Post by ishmael » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:37 am

Change "Schedule" and/or "Media Type

I believe it was the same in the previous versions and for all I know all of them. Just some feedback on the menu itself.

a. Upon changing the existing value the choice is shown somehow "left aligned" and out of place. - ex. Change "Manual" to "Continuously"

b. You have to "double click" to even open the selection for your next folder. - ex. Change "Manual" to "Continuously" for two seperate folders. Feels its locked on previous choice.

c. If you have say 0-9 up until z as folders, you will have to scoll.. alot.. while doing those letters in the bottom. Try to change values for folder 0-9 to z and see how it feels.

On the upside it's possible to resize the window. You will still have to be Sir Click-Alot to get through the config.