MediaMonkey Server pre-release testing

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MediaMonkey Server pre-release testing

Post by rusty » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:41 pm

MediaMonkey Server is a server-only implementation of MediaMonkey that is designed to provide a means of sharing a library across multiple clients and present each user with almost the same experience as if the library were local. In addition, the server provides a lightweight means of browsing content via a web server. It is designed for portability so that it can eventually be deployed on any Linux server/NAS. We created it because UPnP doesn't scale sufficiently for our users, and because DB sharing hacks weren't sufficiently robust.

The current implementation is alpha quality, and limited in the sense that:
- the server can only be deployed to a windows machine
- the only supported client (aside from web browsers) is MediaMonkey 5
- some functionality is still broken, though in general the functionality that's been implemented works reasonably well.

We're sharing this in the hopes of collecting feedback about the design/features that you'd like to see evolve in the short to medium term, and regarding any bugs that you experience.


Installation and use:
1) Extract the files to a directory and run mms.exe.
2) Continue configuration (setting which directories to scan) by connecting to the server using a browser (as indicated in the mms screen).
3) Run MM5 (you may want to initially test with a fresh install), and in 'Devices and Services' click the 'MediaMonkey Server' and enable 'Scan for media files and playlists continuously' to cause all server content to appear in the library. Use MediaMonkey as you normally would!

Please let us know what you think--Thanks!

-The MediaMonkey team