STOP automatically adding removable drives

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STOP automatically adding removable drives

Post by nauip » Wed May 15, 2019 5:41 pm

It needs to be an option. DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY ADD DRIVES. I have 500 drives, devices or whatever under "portable device sync" and the worst part is: Every once in a while I'm working on a customer drive or just copying a bunch of files to a flash drive. I try to "Eject" the drive so whatever doesn't get corrupted. Lo and behold. The drive is in use. Mediamonkey has grabbed a hold of it and Windows is too dumb to know whether it's being written to.

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Re: STOP automatically adding removable drives

Post by Peke » Wed May 15, 2019 6:26 pm

Well I agree on several things.
1. Windows remove drive is one of worst parts (I was relieved several years back when I found suitable replacement for it)
2. Windows 10 made it worse by classifying and reporting every Removable Drive as MTP device (which helps on one side but make things worse on the other)
3. MM can improve that list especially in MM5 [#15674]
4. There are several apps to help you regarding that, some free some not. PERSONALLY!!!! I use Zentimo and Lockunter to handle windows shortcomings. Again PERSONALLY I recommend them along with USB Controller

There is way to prevent MMW detect Drives, but then it will not detect other devices too. Workaround is to Delete d_WMDM.dll from plugins folder.
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