Nested Playlists FOR THE NEWER IPODS

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Nested Playlists FOR THE NEWER IPODS

Post by BrickTop » Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:17 pm

The newest Media Monkey app allows for playlists to be nested. This means that you can move or create a playlist to appear as a sub-playlist to an existing playlist. There was a discussion about how to do this in the forum:

Board index ‹ Technical Support ‹ Need Help? ‹ how to sort playlists into folders in the tree view

which can be found at: ... 88#p161488

(for an example of what this looks like, see this photo orginally posted by forum member cali:)

This thread discussed how to go about nesting the playlists IN MEDIA MONKEY, but it does not address nested playlists when they are synched to a newer iPod. The newer iPods have a similar nesting capability as Media Monkey. However, when you sync the new iPod to the new version of MM, it does NOT nest them. I would suggest that in the future, it would.

As I said in the Need Help? thread, this is a serious drawback that has me wrestling with how to manage my iPod. Do I manage my music in MM which has infinitely far superior database management capability and then build and manage playlists in iTunes? Or do I forego that rotten program but lose the capability to nest my playlists?

A 160 GB device can hold a LOT of songs, and that adds up to many, many playlists. Even sluggish Apple recognized the problem with having 100+ playists in one long string, so they eventually got around to allowing the newer iPods to nest them. I was even frustrated with the number of playlists I had to scroll through on my 80 GB, but now that I have my 160 GB, the nesting is a necessity.

I would like to see this feature added to the wish list / wishlist.