Navigation issues within MediaMonkey

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Navigation issues within MediaMonkey

Post by Stasis096 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:56 am

I would love to see the grid view similar to that of Itunes. I hate itunes for some things but they do some other things very very well. Here's a little comparison of the two:

In Itunes... View -> as Grid

I like how itunes will consolidate the albums when searching by Artist within grid view. It will display the album art of just one of the artist's albums and then as you scroll your mouse over it from left to right, you can view the remaining albums by that artists. If you then double click on a particular artist of interest, you will be taken to a new screen that will display all the albums with full track listings (to go back to where you were, you simply click on a button called "All Artists" and it takes you back to the last artist you just double clicked on).

If you want to view all the artwork of every album without it being consolidated together, you click on the "Albums" button. If you right click on the "albums" button you can decide how you'd like to sort the albums (by title, artist, genre, year, or rating).

In MediaMonkey.... View -> Show Album ... 897b_o.jpg

At the top column, i have selected to sort by AlbumArtist. Even though i want to search by AlbumArtist it shows me multiple albums for the same AlbumArtist. Also, by clicking on the description below the artwork, it remains in "show album" view and simply filters out all the other artwork without giving more details. This is pretty useless to me as i already know what the album artwork looks like. It just takes you to a screen without any real purpose for taking you there is the feeling i always have when this happens to me. Also, if i try to go back from this screen, it takes me to the very first artist in my list and i find myself scrolling back down to locate the artist i was at before.

For all the functionality that MediaMonkey has i think it still is behind itunes in its navigation functions and user interface. I would love to completely uninstall itunes as MediaMonkey does everything i need a player to do, but i keep coming back to itunes because it's easier and more user friendly to listen to my music on itunes.

Thanks for all your time