Dynamic autoplaylist and sublist on iOS devices

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Dynamic autoplaylist and sublist on iOS devices

Post by BAC » Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:22 am

Hello, since i have to use MM thru iTunes i found two features i like.

Dynamic autoplaylist.

autoplaylist synced to iOS device thru iTunes are not static playlist, they change according to the criterya

for example:

if you have an autoplaylist named "not played" with songs that playcounts are equal to 0. you can see songs are erased from this autoplaylist after playing, because playcount is no more = 0

if you have a playlist named "last 50 played" and you play a song on the device, this track will appear on the autoplaylist and the last song on playlist dissapear-


in mediamonkey, playlist can be under another playlist. it's good for organization. you can do things like...

---5 stars songs
---4 stars not played last month
---3 stars less played
---50 most played
---50 last played
---100 not played

If you sync to iOS device the nodes (favourites,played and place) are not synced, only the playlist (5 stars song... 50 most played... bed... )

but iTunes can do this

are MM capable to do this 2 things on near future?

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Re: Dynamic autoplaylist and sublist on iOS devices

Post by Lowlander » Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:28 am

1) Already requested
2) Make sure parent Playlists are selected to be synced
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