A couple tag management features I'd like to see

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A couple tag management features I'd like to see

Post by ladyofdragons » Mon Dec 26, 2005 6:07 pm

Hi. I did quite a bit of searching on MP3 managers/taggers a while back before finding mediamonkey. While mediamonkey is the best MP3manager/player by a long shot, there's a couple things I really wish it could do. Mostly it has to do with auto-tagging and tag management. Since I use iTunes to download tracks, I need to burn those tracks to a CD, then re-insert the CD and convert everything there to MP3s. Unfortunately, every time I try to do that within iTunes it chokes and dies. That is of course iTunes problem, not mediamonkey's. So, I need to do my tagging of CDs in mediamonkey, but it doesn't handle tagging of mixed CDs well. At all.

In comparison, the program I do use for this, Mp3nity, works fantastically at autotagging. I'd love to see these features that make it great incorporated into MM:
- autotagging from either CDDB or Amazon.
- if album is not found, pop-up box for searching should be separated into artist and album. makes it easier to find stuff.
- list of tracks should be available, with the ability to scoot tracks from the CD around to match the track you're looking for. This is a fantastic feature and it works great, so if I'm only selecting one track, I can scoot that track to match the actual album track that it represents. So, if it's track 13 on my mix CD, and track 2 on the album that it matches, I can quickly grab the tags for the correct song.
- lyric tagging. Mp3nity tags using google to search for lyrics, works great.

The other main feature I'd really like to see is the ability to dock the properties box so I can see it/utilize it at all times. This is another thing I like about Mp3nity. I can select a track and the properties box is there and ready for me to make changes, I don't have to keep opening it and closing it. Selecting multiple tracks on the list allows me to tag all those tracks at once. Makes managing music much easier.

Hope these ideas might appeal to a few more users out there, I know they make my life easier trying to manage tags.