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Full DLNA controller

Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:21 pm
by johnnysocko
MM seems to be just nearly there, almost meeting my every need. The almost part is what I'm hoping is on the horizon to close the gap.

Basically, I'd like MM on my Windows server to be able to be DLNA controlled from all supported devices.

If I use bubbleupnp on Android tablet, I can pretty much route from MMW server to a DLNA renderer.

I cannot use MM on my Android tablet to do same feature set.

I cannot find any DLNA controller app on Windows Surface RT, including the MM beta app on Surface RT, to do what my BubbleUpnp does on android.

I also have this MM web server app which can poke the MM server which I think any MM client should be able to control that server, just because.

Would be nice if MM was an entire DLNA ecosystem server, controller, client...rock on. Without it, I'm always left trying to piece it together using whatever parts I can find. Hey, I'd pay up for this on top of my already Gold server platform, but I don't see the value add at this point to buy anything extra.