WiFi Sync and FE

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WiFi Sync and FE

Post by GaC » Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:50 am

I just started to use MediaMonkey and for the most, it is the perfect solution for me, itunes is no more.

One of the "issues" I have with the wifi sync is that there is NO indication in the desktop that a client is connected or what it is doing, and I do not see a way to turn on a log to have a record of what has been synced or not.

Also If I close the desktop in the middle of a wifi sync, the connection the client just dies, there is no warning that they are connected clients.

Have you consider spliting MM in a server/client, having the server running as a windows service and so the client is used only for management and playing music (closing the client does not affect the server)

Thanks a lot for this product

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Re: WiFi Sync and FE

Post by jgkingdallas » Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:27 pm

I agree -- it would be nice if the MMW DLNA server was designed to run as a separate service under Windows, preferably with a SYSTEM ownership so that the server will run without a login. That way, if the server loses power and is restarted (or if Windows decides to restart the server PC while "idle" due to an auto-update to the OS), a login is not required. Instead, because the MMW server won't start until MMW is launched, and launching it requires a user to be logged in, I have to have my server PC setup to auto-login to the main user account at power up and then auto-launch MMW. This is necessary because my wife cannot access the server -- it is headless (no keyboard/mouse/monitor) and can only be accessed using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) which my wife's laptop does not support (not that she could figure it out anyway!) If I am away on travel and, for whatever reason, the server PC is restarted, she can only access our music library (via Samsung Multiroom Audio) if the server restarts properly and relaunches MMW, AND...MMW runs correctly. What I find is that when the server is restarted, MMW always launches after the auto-login but most of the time, the DLNA server built into MMW does not run (or at least, does not advertise itself properly on the network). What I then have to do is access the server via RDC, terminate MMW and relaunch it. This always works to get the DLNA server going, but unfortunately, I am not always home when the server is restarted! I do not know why the MMW server works as it should sometimes on a PC server restart but most of the time NOT. There is clearly some kind of issue with Win7 or its configuration on the server, but none of this would be necessary if the DLNA server component of MMW was separate and would launch automatically at boot. For example, I don't have this problem with the PlayOn server and I never had this problem with Serviio, the app I was using as a DLNA server before I switched to MMW. In both of those cases, the server function is separate (well...in the case of Serviio, that's all there is -- there is no client).

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Re: WiFi Sync and FE

Post by Lowlander » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:23 am

The Service should start at PC start and not require Windows login (which is why you supply User and Password on install).
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