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Media Monkey -> Media Master

Postby skrutm » Tue May 16, 2017 9:31 am

I think there are two types of people concerning the music.

1. The ones who just listen to what they have, they make playlists manually, they copy files and music manually to different devices.

2. And there are others, like me, they like to keep their music organized and cataloged, they have so many music cataloged that they don't want to copy them manually, they use smart playlists. And those People, they use Media Monkey, it is just perfect for their needs.
With new streaming services, we lost all this because no service UI is offering what Media Monkey does, in way we can catalog our music. We gain a lot: it's legal, it offers all the music in the world (almost), it offers convenience of offline media, the sync with the main database is not needed anymore. It's hard to overlook this benefits and streaming services are becoming the future.
If streaming services would have offered a catalog features, there is yet another problem of switching a provider. If you catalog thousands of songs, you don't want to change the provider and do it all again. Very important fact for Media Monkey.
What is than, the perfect solution? How can Media Monkey make the future? How can Media Monkey be the Master on the top of all media services?
So, let’s say I have a subscription on Spotify. I browse the music there and I listen the music there (or videos on YouTube). But I don't organize the music within Spotify. I do that with Media Monkey. How? First I enter all my subscriptions in MM (like in MM 5 for the Google Play Music).

1. When I browse streaming services, I mark songs that I like as favorites (all streaming services are offering this).
2. When I open Media Monkey I get a list (or playlist) of all new music I marked.
3. I can than catalog the music and keep the metadata in Media Monkey database.
4. I make the ultimate media catalog in Media Monkey.
5. I can make playlists or auto-playlists in Media Monkey. I can use all attributes that are available to me in Media Monkey.
6. And finally I can say: "create/sync this Media Monkey playlist on Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Google Play Music,..."
7. And I end up with my perfect playlists on my Spotify and I can use Spotify further to listen to my music.
If I'd have Media Monkey Catalog in the Cloud, so I can organize my music on all devices and everywhere, that would make the ultimate solution for the future. I mean assign ratings, tags, make playlists, genres, ... That is now easier possible because we don't necessarily keep the actual files anymore, we just operate with the metadata. (if I have my own files, I can upload them to the service and use/play them from there)
Can you imagine what would this mean to the problem of switching the service provider? Solved! Piece of cake. Users don't depend on service providers anymore, they depend on YOU! Their catalogs are in Media Monkey! They can instantly create playlists within any service provider if they want to!!!
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Re: Media Monkey -> Media Master

Postby jiri » Thu May 18, 2017 7:00 am

Generally speaking, yes, this definitely makes sense. It's actually the reason why we started the Google Play Music support implementation in MM5. It's easy to implement new sync plugins, the GPM is already implemented as a JS script, so new ones for other services can be created either by community and/or by MM5 team.

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