Addition of basic folder scanning options.

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Addition of basic folder scanning options.

Post by MortTheBeast » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:46 pm

Currently I feel MM is lacking in basic everyday options for folder scanning. You should be able to select or deselect options within the left side of Add/Rescan Folders. For example, I have my entire collection setup on it's own drive, that drive is letter D... but since I am selecting D to be scanned, it treats D as a primary folder and all of the band folders inside as sub-folders. D is a drive not a folder and all the folders on the drive are Primary not sub. Only folders inside the Primary are sub, but MM does not allow me to select or deselect a folder on the left side to not be scanned. I'm forced to jump through hoops and change my folders around. I have Googled and seems I am not the only one that has brought this issue up.. but hopefully adding in the wishlist section it gets seen by the Devs and can be added.