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Alexa remote

Post by Jimmy Gringo » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:26 am

Apologies if this is repeated. Search isn't working. I've scanned several pages and the only Alexa suggestion talks about playing though the alexa devices and little more. This suggestion should be a lot simpler to implement as you only need to send commands to MM. It will benefit anyone with a moderate sized collection that won't fit in a cloud storage solution without paying subscriptions. Plus it will also partially answer the other request if Bluetooth facilities are available :)

Can you develop Alexa skills to control the Media Monkey client...which can be used to play music through whatever your pc/laptop/phone/tablet is connected to (internal speakers, USB speakers, amp, streaming player, **Amazon device VIA BLUETOOTH!!** etc...)

sample commands.
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to play genre "Pop Music" (queue up and play Genre's)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to {play/start} playlist "Epic Motown" (queue up and play a playlist)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to play music by "Ozric Tentacles" (queues up and plays songs by this Band)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to play "Jump" (queues up to now playing and plays immediately songs with this name)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to add "The Only one I know" to now playing (adds at end)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to {play/queue} last "The Only one I know" (same as above)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to {play/queue} next "This is how it feels" (adds next to "now playing")
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to play music from {"the 80's"/"2017"} (queues up and plays songs from a year or dacade)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to play some music (random tracks)

In addition to the above command you may wish to further refine your commands with {"Van Halen"/"Kris Kross"/etc..} (specifies which band/version you mean)
...with 3 stars or more (if you've rated you tracks you won't want to play the ones you don't like)

In terms of play control
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to resume (start playing already queued music)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to pause (stop)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to play next (skip)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to play previous (go back)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to repeat current track (repeat current track once...once it finishes)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to restart current track (go back to the start of the current track...immediately)
Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to shuffle tracks (shuffle "now playing")

With very few commands this could become a very powerful feature that would promote buying the pro version. You might not get a sale from me, since I already have MM gold, but I think it would be a huge selling point for anyone running the freeware version.

I hope you agree this could really add to the usefulness of an already brilliant app so please "show this some love". :wink:



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Re: Alexa remote

Post by razman10 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:41 am

+1 on this.

The ability to play my various playlists is the biggest allure here. I have a Plex media server app that allows me play music from my library but I'd have recreate all my playlists on the app - which I don't want to do.

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Re: Alexa remote

Post by JamesM » Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:02 pm

I'm aware of plex and tried it. First thing I found out was it doesn't do requests by Genre?? It seems to miss a lot of the basics (hence my giving a lot of examples).

I've also tried some Media Monkey remotes (which is why I'm certain the framework is there to implement Alexa skills)...but they've proved a little unreliable in my case, or require a bit too much clicking to be as useful as voice commands.

Similarly I know I could set up a subsonic server, but again the (jukebox mode=plays on the PC not the tablet) apps I've tried are not quite so handy for finding stuff. God I hate DNLA search (non)functions. Plus, as you say, I'd have to re set up playlists...and they won't be Auto playlists like I use on MediaMonkey.

Ideally the Media Monkey Devs/community could do something as I really don't want to end up moving away from their app...but if someone else makes these functions available (it's already happening), and they are what I am looking for, it's a given I will see if the alternative works for me.

BTW, should the Devs be considering this, one more thing I didn't like about Plex was the requirement to register your server on their website to access it with or without Alexa. I didn't have to register my subsonic server I just put a few port forwarding rules on my firewall, and viola. Similarly none of the Media Monkey remotes required registration, just IP and port details. If it's possible to avoid using extra external services, even as a "more advanced option for gold members", that would be ideal as it's one less thing that can go wrong...and one less thing for ventris to maintain

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Re: Alexa remote

Post by JamesM » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:41 pm

Sorry, I forgot to mention a couple of things in my original post. I mentioned streaming players because I have some (yamaha musiccast amps).
Under "Options->Player" there is an option to "Choose player" and set it to use the UPnP/DNLA Renderer which can be pointed at any of these amps to stream music. If this Alexa remote is considered and you have the time could you also add a means to specify the player. I expect this might involve making it possible to pre-program outputs
* Default Player = Media Monkey player (play through windows using the default device)
* Headphones = Media Monkey player (play through windows, switch to headphones output)
* Optical Out = Media Monkey player (play through windows, switch to S/PDIF output)
* My Echo = Media Monkey player (play through windows, switch to bluetooth connection)
* HDMI1 = Media Monkey player (play through windows, set to [Name of attached Monitor/Device])
* Kitchen = UPnP/DNLA Receiver + Network Name of Amp
* TV Room = UPnP/DNLA Receiver + Network Name of AV Receiver

so the command would look something like this
* Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to send to "Headphones"
* Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to send to "TV Room"

Similarly (might require adding the ability to preprogram selectable items)....Since you have options for internet radio perhaps
* Alexa, ask MediaMonkey to tune in to "Classic Rock HD Plus" (but define and use a shorter name that alexa is less likely to mess up)

If anyone is interested in the reason I asked if Alexa Skills could be added...I'd like to build a low power fanless/keyboardless/headless media server that's hidden away under the stairs with my router....A server that can also send music to any room I choose, or several rooms when using the Musiccast features of my Yamaha devices.
Alexa skills (in addition to remote desktop) would make this possible. I think that would be fan-flippin-tastic if I can manage it hence suggesting this would be a powerful function, as I can see others being interested in this (if Alexa isn't too unreliable).
Even on a more normal scale; fine grained control of music in one room, by voice, would still be pretty darned spiffy.

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Re: Alexa remote

Post by Almighty1000 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:11 pm


JamesM is spot on. Been waiting for Alexa skill for MediaMonkey. Please bring it soon!!!

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Re: Alexa remote

Post by Peke » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:37 pm

This is very complex AI, due the fact it needs to be written from scratch as such grain and precision needs to be either natively supported or completely written.

I would really like "OK MediaMonkey, play me some Chill out Moods in Living room" or "Now MediaMonkey, play me some Chill out Moods in Living room"

FYI I tried Alexa Elite Dangerous commands with Oculus Rift and needed two hours to close the mouth after WOW experience I had.
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