Option for database update to "turn loose" Playlist building

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Option for database update to "turn loose" Playlist building

Post by donphillipe » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:00 am

I spent I think 4 months trying to build some playlists and the reason it took so long is that MM keeps dragging down the system with apparently hooking up, opening and maybe even scanning each song in the list as the name in the index is simply drug to a playlist. There needs to be a "rapid edit" feature to build playlists, where copying music from the master list and dropping it in a playlist folder does not take constantly waiting until the data base will "turn loose" of the old song and allow the next one in the list to be latched onto and thus the line copied into another playlist.

For example, take a 10K list of songs, create say 20 playlist folders and then try to simply riffle down the list by dragging and dropping the title lines in the folder named for the playlist. You'll still be working on it 4 months from now because MM won't allow fast editing like that.

I understand why you need to maintain that slow as death link but for playlist building alone, there should be an option that releases the DB refresh or whaterver the hell takes it so long to "turn loose" of one selection and grab another.

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Re: Option for database update to "turn loose" Playlist buil

Post by Lowlander » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:19 am

Try File > Maintain Library with complete optimization.

You also can drag & drop onto a Playlist as a tab or in the Playlist node to add it to that Playlist (albeit at bottom).
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