MediaMonkey 2.2.2 RC1 -- Here it is

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MediaMonkey 2.2.2 RC1 -- Here it is

Post by rusty » Fri Aug 06, 2004 9:38 am

MediaMonkey 2.2.2 Release Candidate 1 (build 776--replaced with build 777) is ready to try out. It incorporates a number of additional low risk fixes that should make the 2.2.2 easier to use (especially if used in combination with Winamp). Please let us know how it works for you.

Although most of the changes are low risk, it's labelled a 'Release Candidate' because some functionality has not yet been validated completely (if testing of the release candidate goes smoothly, it will become the final release). If you plan on using it, take precautions to backup your data to protect against data loss during installation or usage.

What's new in build 776?
  • - Added command (39999) to Winamp API for Play/Pause button
    - Fixed <shift><delete> or <ctrl><x> of text in Properties dialog can --> track deletion
    - Fixed 'Find more from...' doesn't work from My Computer node
    - Fixed several issues when Winamp is the player
    • - Fixed access violation when editing multiple tracks
      - Fixed 'Now Playing' sorting (disabled it)
      - Fixed currently playing track isn't automatically visible in 'Now Playing'
      - Fixed classification toolbar doesn't work in 'Now Playing'
      - Fixed <ctrl><shift><+> tries to expand the entire tree
    - Fixed unicode characters in genres --> CD metadata not written correctly to cdplayer.ini
    - Fixed 'Get Track Details' in Properties dialog doesn't search based on up-to-date info
    - Fixed converted/ripped tracks aren't added to 'Recently added tracks' playlists
    - Fixed skin theme is overridden only for the first instance of MediaMonkey
    - Fixed showing of default value when release date isn't available in album browser
    - Fixed regression: Now Playing menu bar doesn't indicate 'enabled' status
Build 777 adds:
  • -Fixed dragging and dropping a tree node sometimes fails
MediaMonkey 2.2.2 RC1:

Double-click the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions. You can install:
a) To your MediaMonkey directory, replacing the current version of MediaMonkey. If you take this approach make certain to back up your database beforehand.
b) To a new directory (e.g. /Program Files/MediaMonkey_alt), preserving your existing MediaMonkey installation so that you can use one version or the other.

Testing Note: If you are experiencing a problem which a debug log would help resolve, you can install a debug build from: ... _2_777.exe

-The MediaMonkey Team
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Post by DC » Sat Aug 07, 2004 1:22 pm

Everything I reported regarding Now-Playing is sorted out :P - now I can go to tag land (I am afraid it will be a long journey).

The following might be a wishlist item but is also related to one of the fixes so I mention it here: would be nice if the title which is now playing would not be displayed in bold style font in the Now-Playing only but also if it is coincidentally visible in some other view. Maybe I am simplifying too much but given the virtual nature of the tree component this could be fairly easy since the information is already there in every view. But if this could be considered in one of the upcoming builds it would be just fine.