Which does 'Original album title' mean? [#5431]

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Which does 'Original album title' mean? [#5431]

Post by REIKA » Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:57 pm

Property name : 'Original album title'
Context help : 'Title of original version of this track'
Column's title : 'Original Album'
Advanced search criteria : 'Original Title'

ID3v2.3 field name : TOAL(This means 'Original album/movie/show title')
Vorbis comment(Ogg vorbis) field name : 'ORIGINAL ALBUM'
Vorbis comment(Flac) field name : 'ORIGINAL TITLE'

In MM3, which does this mean? (Track or Album)
I think that it is necessary to unify expression properly.
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Re: Which does 'Original album title' mean?

Post by rusty » Fri Mar 27, 2009 12:34 pm


Thanks for pointing out this inconsistency.

The id3 spec for TOAL is " The 'Original album/movie/show title' frame is intended for the title of the original recording (or source of sound), if for example the music in the file should be a cover of a previously released song." That original spec is sufficiently vague so as to be interpreted as "Original Track Title" or "Original Album Title", which is probably the historical root of the current ambiguity.

Our _intent_ for this field is that it be used to store "Original Album Title", however, as you point out, the fact that MM stores vorbis comments for both ORIGINAL ALBUM and ORIGINAL TITLE, should probably be considered a bug.

Similarly, we'll need to update the UI, context help, and online help to make this more clear / consistent.

Tracked at:
This will only be fixed post 3.1.


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Re: Which does 'Original album title' mean? [#5431]

Post by rovingcowboy » Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:01 pm

oh i thought it was for when you had two albums released but were the same album by different riaa companys.

like when one company bought out the other one and re released all the top albums of the old company. i've got a few like that. they all say a different name, but the newer one always have the previous release album number on it so you can check them that way. but i even have a few that used the same album covers with a new name printed on them. so that is what i thought you ment by the original title. :)
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