Thoughts on download of language packs during install

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Thoughts on download of language packs during install

Post by gege » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:13 pm

The new approach to language packs in MM4 has, IMO, some issues that should be addressed before a public release.
The root of these issues is the fact the installer assumes DIRECT access to the Internet at install time. No other way to manage laguage packs is offered.

To illustrate the problems that can arise from this design, I've elaborated some use cases where the current implementation simply doesn't work as it should:

1) The case: Alice is installing MM4 in a computer that is behind a proxy and as a consequence when the installer tries to download the language pack an error occurs. This happens because the component used by the installer to download language packs simply cannot work with a proxy. Tehn, Alice gets stuck to english, because there's no other way to correct this after install.

The solution #1 (preferred): make the download component work with proxies, even those that ask for authentication. The system proxy settings should be used to discover the proxy address.

The solution #2: catch the proxy error and inform the user about it. Then give the user an option to open a webpage to download the language pack manually. Drawback: adding a language pack AFTER install will lead to MM opening in english on first run. As a consequence, some database entries (like Collection names) will be created in English, instead of localized.

2) The case: Bob is installing MM4 in a computer that doesn't have access to the Internet. He wants MM4 running in French in this computer, but sees no (easy) way to get this.

The solution: Same as Solution #2 above. Provide a webpage which allows manual dowload of desired language pack.

3) The case: Carlos is installing MM4 in a computer with Windows in english, but he also wants to run MM in spanish. Unfortunately, this is not possible because the installer checks and downloads one language pack only in the same language used by the system.

The solution: In Options > General, put a "More languages" link next to the language drop-down menu. This link points to the same webpage proposed above.

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Re: Thoughts on download of language packs during install

Post by NRGman » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:58 pm

to fix the first 2 scenarios, how about include all language files in the install exe?
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