1367: ID3 tags randomly "gobbling up" artwork

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1367: ID3 tags randomly "gobbling up" artwork

Post by Anamon » Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:13 pm

While editing tags of my files, I started to notice that embedded artwork randomly gets corrupted, is subsequently not displayed anymore in any application, and the space it still takes up cannot be recovered, i.e. the files just grow and grow. This has happened on lots of different MP3 files with ID3v2 tags, when JPEG files were embedded. It is hard to specifically reproduce as it happens randomly over a certain number of edits. Let me try to explain by example:
  1. I have an album of 20 MP3 tracks which are fully tagged, including an embedded front cover JPEG which displays nicely in both MM4 and MP3Tag for testing purposes.
  2. I now perform the exact same tag editing operation over some of these files, but separately. In the case I last encountered the bug, there was a range of subsequent 5 tracks in the album that I wanted to add an additional line of comments to. I do not usually use editing multiple files, but use copy & paste and use the Next and Previous button in the tag edit dialogue. I add the line of comment, go to the next file, add it again, etc.
  3. MM4 is set to store tags automatically, so the files are instantly retagged when switching between files or clicking OK.
  4. Now, occasionally 1 or 2 of the files that were edited no longer display an album artwork. This is completely random, sometimes it happens to none of the files, sometimes to several, with no indication of why it happens to some and not others, as the editing operation is the same for all files. No files seem to be immune, it is pure luck which ones, if any, will be affected. The risk seems to be at about 10%.
  5. The affected files no longer display an artwork in either MM4 or Mp3Tag. Mp3Tag says there is no image embedded. MM4 still displays an entry in the Artworks tab, but it displays no image and instead of "Front cover" as before the bug occured, its type is "Not specified".
  6. This would be annoying but easily fixed by simply retagging on a global album-level basis: removing all artworks and re-adding the correct ones. The problem is though than when removing the broken embedded artwork, it is removed in the sense that MM4 no longer displays the remaining "Not specified" entry, but the space taken up by the image is not recovered. Since I had to restore the artworks for many albums repeatedly already, many of my files are now bloated by 100s of kilobytes of useless dead-weight data.
I have not yet been able to determine if this happens also with other kinds of tags than ID3, if it happens when not using the "Next file" and "Previous file" buttons in the edit dialogue, or if it happens when editing the tags of multiple files at once. But I wanted to ask around who else encountered this issue and can maybe give more info.

Environment: Windows 7 64-bit, Core2Quad Q6700 4x2.66GHz, 1 physical and 1 virtual optical drive
Version: MediaMonkey Gold
Installed extensions: MagicNodes 4.1.2

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Re: 1367: ID3 tags randomly "gobbling up" artwork

Post by buskbolurven » Mon May 02, 2011 6:16 am

I also have noticed that all artwork disappear when adding one new picture, and it is both old and new artwork that seems to get lost. I am using .ogg-files mostly and embedded pictures. The problem persists in 1368.

It is not very hard to reproduce the problem: right click on a song, select properties, artwork tab, add a picture, turn back and forth with the arrows, add a new picture, turn back and forth, etc a few times and suddenly the pictures are lost. By adding pictures one at the time on one song at the time, track after track, I have seen this problem several times.

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Re: 1367: ID3 tags randomly "gobbling up" artwork

Post by aprzybylo » Mon May 02, 2011 10:29 am

I had similar problem that occasionally I lose Album Art. What I notice that in those cases if you go to properties you see more then one picture and the first one is just default empty one. My correct pitcure is second and that's why I don't see it in MM. I can sometimes delete this picture sometimes not.

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