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Reading replaygain tags in id3v2.4 not robust

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:09 am
by m42i
I'm sure this has come up at some point and I hope I didn't miss something, but I couldn't find anything doing a quick search.

MMW only recognizes replaygain tags in mp3 files with id3v2.4 tags if they're in the following format:
replaygain_track_gain -1.9 dB
(lower case, 'dB' as unit)
E.g.: ... orking.mp3

I'm re-gaining the volumes using r128gain which has the EBU R128 algorithm. r128gain writes the tag as:
(upper case, 'db' as unit)
E.g: ... orking.mp3

Both are not 100% true to the specs, but imho MMW should be handling it.

To be sure it's not something else r128gain does, I changed the r128gain source accordingly and MMW reads the tags correctly. I'll submit a bug report/patch to r128gain too.