problem syncing two separate iPods; using same config

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problem syncing two separate iPods; using same config

Post by paddymcq » Wed Jul 27, 2016 7:44 pm

New problem syncing two separate iPod Classics in MediaMonkey. The two iPods are NOT connected at the same time.

One iPod Classic would display in MM as the user-defined Name of the iPod (Patrick's iPod) while the other iPod Classic would display a truncated Name in MM (Jayne's iPod shows as JAYNES IPO). After syncing JAYNES IPO, 0 songs were available for playback even though the all of the songs are viewable in MM and in Windows 10 file explorer. I then discovered JAYNES IPO was using d_MWMD.dll while Patrick's iPod was using the correct d_iPod.dll device.

The workaround was to remove the JAYNES IPO device and let it find a new device, which ended up being the same Patrick's iPod device even though this iPod Classic has a unique name. I have to disable Auto-sync and automatic unmounts because I need to change their common "configuration" depending on which iPod Classic is connected. This was not a problem until recently. I wasn't paying attention to which .dll was used but previously, each iPod had it's own configuration and each iPod played normally when disconnected from MM and the PC.

In an attempt to fix the device list in MM... I copied the d_iPod.dll file to d_iPod_copy.dll in Windows 10 file explorer, opened MM and configured/renamed the separate device in MM to match the second iPod. Unfortunately when connecting one of the iPods, both iPod names show up as drive F:\ in the media tree.

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