German translation for "grouping"

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German translation for "grouping"

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In the german tranlation the tag "grouping" is called "Stück/Werk".
Most other media players title thas tag as "Werk".
That in itself might not be a bug, bat MediaMonkey handles the slash '/' in "Stück/Werk" wrongly and in some cases treats it as one field called "Stück/Werk" in other cases it tries to find two fields "Stück" and "Werk" ... and of course fails.

The german translation for grouping should be "Werk" as in many other media players or maybe the direct translation of "grouping" which would be "Gruppierung".

BTW: I've been correcting this in my own translation for 10 Years now (I bought Gold in 2009), but with every new version of MM I have to repeat that correction and would love to see it corrected by the author. Thank you!