Proper built-in backup and restore of user settings in need.

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Proper built-in backup and restore of user settings in need.

Post by oneoffbeat » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:39 am

Hello! I've been using Trixmoto's Backup in the past and it worked pretty flawlessly in Win 7 times, but in Win 10 it's been less than satisfactory. In Windows 10 I haven't been able to restore the backups anymore due to some consistent restore.vbs-script error, though making of the backups seem to work still, most times at least - there were problems with that too at one point, but I let it go, since that Windows 10 installation was broken in too many other ways also.

Considering MediaMonkey is a highly user configurable software that many frequent users are likely to tweak to their particular tastes and needs, it's a wonder there's no internal backup and restore for the settings. I hate it when I have to re- or fresh install Windows and it may take hours and hours to tweak all MM settings the way I've grown to like them. What makes it worse that it usually doesn't happen that frequently which makes it difficult to remember exactly what the settings were that I had customized for my preference and how I had done it. Almost needless to say that there are many other things to life and listening or organizing music, than tweaking the basic setup.

Therefore, here's a serious request: make a backup and restore a sure shot internal feature of MediaMonkey. I'd love to focus in use of the program knowing that I'll be able to manage my music database the way I prefer from here to eternity(?), keeping everything in the settings the way I like. This should be a reasonable request knowing that people change computers these days fairly often, between year, two or three and need for re-install of Windows is near always required wiping registered programs settings in most cases. Another solution could be a fully portable version that has no significant mark on the system registry or configuration files in system folders that would vanish along with installation.

So, please hear your long time user, make backup and restore of user settings an internal feature, asap. MM is the only music library software that's useful for an old school music files keeper and organizer, true music digger in age of digital. Thank you and keep up the brilliant work!

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Re: Proper built-in backup and restore of user settings in n

Post by Snofru » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:12 am

I strongly support this!

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Re: Proper built-in backup and restore of user settings in n

Post by Peke » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:03 am

MediaMonkey 5 Alpha already have native backup of MM.DB and settings.
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