Convertir la base (.db) en XML, HTML ou CSV

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Convertir la base (.db) en XML, HTML ou CSV

Post by Eric78 »

Bonjour à tous,
Quelqu'un a-t-il effectué une telle conversion et si oui, comment?
Le but final est d'installer cette base sur Access.
Merci d'avance de votre aide.
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Re: Convertir la base (.db) en XML, HTML ou CSV

Post by IanRTaylorUK »

Hi Eric,

I hope the Google translation of your question to English was good and my answer(s) OK.

If you want to get a specific table from within the MM.DB into Access, then you might want to look at "DB Browser for SQLite". Open the DB file from MMW4 or MMW5 or Android Device. Browse Data / Choose a Table and then Export to CSV. Import the CSV into Microsoft Access.

If you want the "key" information then use the MMW5 File / Reports / FileList (once you have made a selection). For instance, go to Entire Library / All Tracks (list view) and use Ctrl+A to select ALL your library. When presented with the Choose Columns, I recommend you select them ALL (74). After clicking OK you are presented with a Windows File Save dialogue - make sure you select CSV. On the lower status bar MMW5 will show Exporting... Time for a cup of tea.

Import the CSV into Microsoft Access and note any import errors. This will hint at whether you need to change the field type e.g. from short to long / memo etc. Clear or delete the table then repeat the import until you have no import errors of significance.

Now write access queries to show the fields you want, sorting using Access functions as needed. One query I use quite often at the moment in to Cross Tabulate Album Artist / Album / Date vs File Extension to give a Count of FLAC File in one column alongside MP3 files in another. This highlights to me where 1). If All MP3 then target for fresh FLAC album download / RIP and 2). If a mix of FLAC / MP3 then I might have combined old MP3 with new FLAC and ended up "duplicating" an album.
Ian Taylor
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