Art files: new options, plus enhancements to CFileDialog

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Art files: new options, plus enhancements to CFileDialog

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There has been a lot of requests regarding album art. Here are a couple of simple ones that could help a user select art files:

New MM options:
  • • Add a radio option to "Open the Art File Dialog in the:
    • • "Current File Folder, or
      • "Art Repository Folder"
    • Add a textbox option that allows the user to specify their "Art Repository Folder" path.
CFileDialog enhancements
  • Open the CFileDialog according to the folder option specified above (either in the "Current File Folder" or in the "Art Repository Folder").
    Add two new path buttons to the "Outlook-style" toolbar which is located on the left side of the the CFileDialog (see image).
    • The two buttons would provide quick access to the "Current File Folder" and the "Art Repository Folder".
    Add a preview option, which would display a 'preview panel' to the right of the listbox, in the same fashion as Office 2000 does.
    • This preview panel would display a preview of the selected image file.