Sync Playlist and Star-Rating via USB to MMA

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Sync Playlist and Star-Rating via USB to MMA

Post by Thorsten62 » Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:23 am

May be now a little bit complicate....

What would i like to do?

On my PC i have music which is unrated. I would like to sync them to my mobile to MMA, hear on my mobile these songs and mark these songs via MMA (Star-Rating). After that, i would like to sync the Star-Rating back to my PC.

What have i done... ok, i know there a several ways.....

1. On my PC, i have initially rated all Songs which are new with 5 Stars
2. On my PC, i have generated an automatic Playlist "5 Stars" with the Rule to include all Songs with 5 Stars.
3. In MM, I have configured the external Memorycard of my phone to sync only the Playlist "5 Stars"
4. On MMA i have started the Sync. Result: The Playlist "5 Stars" and all included Music was transferred via Wifi from PC to Mobile (MMA)

Now i have decided to use USB-Sync instead of Wifi-Sync.

So in MMA, i rated one Song with 4 Stars only.
I then changed in MM the automatic Playlist "5 Star" with the new Rule to include all Songs with >=4 Stars. Thats because after a sync the one Song with 4 Star will not be anymore in the Playlist and i'm to lazy to locate the song in MM.
I synced then via USB in MM. And yes, only this one Song was synced from Android via USB to PC.

So far so good.

So i tried it the other way arround:

In MM, i rated the 4 Star Song again with 5 Stars. And synced again with autosync in MM.
In MM i see, that this song is synced and also a playlist was synced.

Now the things are going wrong.

I expected, that after the sync in MM this song still will have his 5-Star rating - because i last modified it in MM. However, the song has in MM again a 4 Star-Rating! So it seems, that MMA has priority over MM and it doesn't matter where i last modified the Star-Rating.

In MMA now, under Options i hit "Check for new/changed media" (Libraryfolders are set to music and Playlist).
In MMA, in the Main Menu i have chosen Playlists and selected the "5-Star" Playlist.

Next Bug:

Remember, that i changed the Rules in MM to include >= 4 Stars! And right, in MM the Playlist contains also the song with 4 Stars!
However, in MMA the Playlist "5 Stars" is not containing the Song with 4 Star. In MM there are 80 songs in MMA 79

That's strange for me, because i have seen, that also the playlist was synced to mobile and i guess, that the logic for the playlist rule is only in mm.

So i guessed, that this song itself is not anymore in the music directory... so i used MMA Folderbrowser and yes, the song is there.

No i disconnected my mobile from usb trying to use wifi-sync wit MM and MMA.
I changed in MM this Song from 4 Star to 5 Star Rating.
And hit "Sync now" in MMA

The Result: Updated 1 track, Updated 1 playlist from server

Correct is now, that the playlist also included the 4 star rated song.
Wrong is, that the song still have 4 stars in MM and MMA - also here,like usb sync, the new rating in MM was overwritten from old rating in MMA

Next Test:

I now changed the Rating in MMA to 5 Stars, Sync via Wifi - and yes! In MM also 5 Stars.


USB Sync

A modified (rules) Playlist in MM is not synced over to MMA or mobile if an older version already exists on mobile. Problem related prop. in MM
If the Starrating was changed in MMA, it is not possible after a sync to change the star rating in MM - because the sync direction seems always form MMA to MM

Wifi Sync

While a modified Playlist in MM was not synced to MMA, over wifi this is working.
Like USB-Sync the star rating is the same like usb sync - MMA over MM


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Re: Sync Playlist and Star-Rating via USB to MMA

Post by Ludek » Mon Sep 12, 2016 3:22 pm

Hi, this should work.

I guess that in your case must be something wrong with the timestamps. Maybe there is a time/clock discrepance between MMA and MMW and timestamp comparing fails to correctly decide what change is newer. There is several ways how MMW finds the time delta (discrepance between MMA and MMW), could you please generate debug log (using DbgView) of the USB sync process to review what could be wrong?

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