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General plug-ins usually extend the functionality of MediaMonkey in one way or another. At the moment, few General plug-ins have been tested with MediaMonkey although it should be compatible with many Winamp plug-ins written for Winamp 2. These can be downloaded from the Winamp Plug-ins site.

Plug-in : Evil Lyrics
Description : While not strictly a plug-in, Evil Lyrics is the best solution for tracking down Song Lyrics. Just install it, and run--the lyrics for whatever track is currently playing will appear on screen.
Author : Evil Labs
Author's site :

Joe's Minidisc Track Pauser setup dialog

Plug-in : Minidisc Track Pauser (version 2)
Description : Inserts 4-second pause between tracks (useful for recording to Minidisc).

Author : Joe Drago

Note: To install a plug-in, it needs to be installed or copied to the MediaMonkey Plugins sub-directory (usually C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Plugins), and then MediaMonkey needs to be restarted. If the plug-in comes with its own installer, make certain to set the path correctly. If it doesn't have an installer or the installer fails, just copy the file to the \Plugins directory.
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