Android: Ratings, Album Artist, Album Art, etc. is missing
Posted by Russell Samuels on Oct 11, 2016

Android devices are able to read basic metadata from multimedia files (e.g. Artist, Album, Title, and Track#, and in some cases Album Art). However, advanced metadata such as ratings, play history, play count, bookmarks, Album Artist, Composer, Lyrics, and in some cases, Album Art are stored within the MediaMonkey database.  Consequently, advanced metadata may be missing if:

  1. Files are copied to the Android device without syncing. e.g. if the apps are synced by an application other than MediaMonkey for Windows; if they're copied to an SD card; or if MediaMonkey for Window's 'send-to' function is used to copy the tracks instead of synchronization.
  2. Files are synced between MediaMonkey for Windows and MediaMonkey for Android but there is a failure in the database update. e.g. the sync process is cancelled before the database has been updated.

In such cases,track properties are read by Android's media scanner and displayed in MediaMonkey, but will be limited to the basic metadata described above.  Note also, that in such a case, if the track's tags are empty to begin with (e.g. because the track properies are contained only within the filename and not in the tags), then the tracks will appear without any metadata in MediaMonkey for Android.

To fix this, delete problematic files from the device and then sync (USB Sync or Wi-Fi Sync) with MMW/MMA .

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