Android: My SD Card isn't recognized / Can't sync to my SD Card
Updated by Russell Samuels on Dec 11, 2014

MediaMonkey for Android supports SD cards, but some devices have incorrect configuration files that result in the card not being recognized by all portions of the Android operating system.

If files on your SD Card aren't recognized by MediaMonkey:

  • verify that the location is enabled in Options > Choose library folders
  • if you're using an HTC device, configure it to automatically share the SD card via Settings -> Storage -> Primary Storage -> Automatic Switching

If this doesn't help, and the bug still occurs, please:
1) Run MediaMonkey and send logs (Options->Send logs), and send us the log ID via a helpdesk ticket (or via the MMA beta forum).
2) In the ticket, please include a list of subfolders contained within your /storage/ folder


See related information at: SD Card content can't be synced to/edited/deleted due to permissions




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