iPods and USB Mass Storage Devices are erroneously detected by the WMDM plugin
Updated by Russell Samuels on Feb 24, 2017

When a Portable Device or USB Storage Device is inserted into the PC MediaMonkey will assign it a device plugin. Sometimes MediaMonkey may assign the d_WMDM.dll (Windows Media Device) device plugin to an iPod incorrectly.

To prevent this:

  • For iPod's make sure you only connect 1 iPod at a time to your PC. MediaMonkey can only recognize 1 iPod at a time.
  • Disconnect all iPods from your PC and then remove any incorrectly assigned WMDM Device Profiles from Tools > Options > Portable Device Sync.

For USB Storage Devices you may prefer the USBMass plugin. In that case you'll need to:

  1. Download it from the Addons site and install it:
  2. Disable the WMDM version of your device under Tools > Options > Portable Device Sync.
  3. Select the USBMass plugin, click Configure and use the Find Device option to associate the USBMass plugin with your storage drive.
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