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You can download MediaMonkey products from the following locations: MEDIAMONKEY FOR WINDOWS (MMW) Help > About in the Main Menu will show what version you're currently using. CURRENT VERSION: Direct link:
MediaMonkey for Windows 8/RT was discontinued as of Nov. 2015. Most Windows 8/10 users can instead use MediaMonkey for Windows, although it is unfortunately not available for Windows RT devices.
MediaMonkey 4.1.3 has been released. It is a minor update that includes 2 fixes to CD ripping / conversion, and updated Italian and Norwegian translations. It is a strongly recommended upgrade. V4.1.2 was released for a short period of time beforehand, ...
V4.1.4 is a minor update that includes fixes to playback, duplicates when browsing a USB stick, and 2 bugs that can result in data corruption. For details see: [
As of MediaMonkey 4.1 it's possible to enable UPnP as a service (Tools -> Options -> MediaSharing -> Install Service), so that other devices can access the library even when MediaMonkey isn't running. In cases where multiple users share a machine, it's ...
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