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MediaMonkey for Windows
Updated by Russell Samuels on Oct 9, 2017

MediaMonkey 4.1.18 has been released. It's a minor update with 20 improvements to syncing, iOS 11 support, artwork handling, playback and more.

For details see:
File Size: 16264288 bytes
MD5: d4eac49c9bd5a98647289aa0582080df
SHA1: 18a6944bcff754bb1ee9bc856c5a3db775c42ec9
SHA256: b14294401f733d2491a4157d6fcc7d391aec0280f8e5c534ff3dc56043c02002

Note: MediaMonkey replaced build 1852, the only change being a fix to the upgrade notification mechanism to prevent unnecessary notifications. The original build was:
File Size: 16265328 bytes
MD5: 264a52c2751872fa5dab17282bb70e22
SHA1: ca598e5069196ada8c09d1add3e95eb58470abe7
SHA256: 8305c48b1028f0be7dca48eb6a0e55f8551dff74eb1df38d97a32695bb129beb

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